Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cross Slot Arrival

 We ordered a new seeder from New Zealand called a Cross Slot.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and was unloaded from 2 shipping containers via a crane.

It's a strange looking outfit but is supposed to be the dux nuts of minimum till machines. It wasn't cheap, but it is a long term investment and our hope is to improve our soil health with retention of organic matter.

It is a disc seeder with a 35 foot bar and 33 discs. It weighs about 14 tonne on its own.

Cross Slot, (a John Baker invention) have been very accommodating of my husbands changes and additions to our machine. It's basically been custom made for what we want.

My husband has spent about 3 years researching seeders and the Cross Slot, to decide what we would upgrade to.

The new seeding rig is currently being hooked up to a John Deere air seeder and our CAT tractor, so another blog post will follow once we get it all set up.

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