Local Flora and Fauna

Dear old Sleepy Lizard - we have a family of them here. 
They often cruise around the back yard and come to the back door. 
The dog and cats don't seem too fussed about the harmless little fella's (although I wouldn't stick my finger too close!)

Wombat - the only one I've ever seen on the farm, we know 
they are north of our property but don't normally venture very far

Tawney Frogmouth near the house

Kangaroos in the front yard

Tawney Frogmouth

Kangaroo in Hincks Reserve

Acacia Spinscens

Ballardiera Cymosa


Egg & Bacon Prickly

Egg & Bacon Prickly

Green Orchid


Thryptomene Micrantha

Pink Pompom