Monday, 21 November 2011

Escargot Anyone??

 Snails on our fence posts!!!
Yes, they do eat the crop! We bait for them but with this number, we obviously don't get them all.

Harvesting Canola

Windrowing canola with our Macdon Windrower. The canola is cut down and laid in rows to dry out

Rows of canola drying out, ready for reaping

Dry canola pods

Canola seeds
Canola in pods
 After a few weeks the canola is ready to reap with the header. The comb on the front of the header is called a 'pick up'. It picks up the rows like a conveyor belt and feeds them into the header.

 View from inside the header cab. The 'pick-up' collecting the canola rows and feeding them into the header

 View from inside the header cab, looking back into the header box. The canola is fed into the box via an auger and the chaff is blown out the back of the header.

The header box holds about 6 and a half tonne. Once full, the canola is released via the header auger into the truck or chaser bin. It takes less than 2 minutes to unload the 6.5 tonne!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Wildlife Visitors - A Wombat in the Camp!

 We had a visit from a wombat last week. He was walking up one of the farm tracks and my father in law came down to the house to see if I wanted some photos.
 The wombat wasn't very happy with me following him around, but I got a few shots of him and let him get on his way up into our scub.

Our sleepy lizard family like loitering near our back door

 At the back door we have a swallow's nest. I hate the bird shit but I love watching the parents swoop in and feed their hungry brood. The babies look so funny with their big wide mouths opening up like a choir when their is food on the way.