Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Aussie Harvest Video by Charlie, aged 14

Anna Binna Pty Ltd 2013 Harvest:

Great video of Harvest near Ardrossan on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, well done Charlie, great footage.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

SA Advisory Board of Ag Farm Tour - YP

Crops on Yorke Peninsula are looking great

As part of the SA Advisory Board of Ag's AGM, we are treated to a farm tour around the region in which the AGM is held. The region changes each year and this year it was on Yorke Peninsula.                                                                                                                                                         

First stop was the business of Martin Collins near Yorktown. Martin's operation crops a large area of Lentils, among other crops.
Snails are a huge problem for his area, especially the Conical snails, and Viterra's 'sample' tolerance to these pests is very low.
Martin's operation, with wife and employees, has set itself up to clean and store Lentils as required. (Hence they had some serious shed space!) 
**Note Lentils, not Lupins, too many things on the go Karen!!!***


Next stop was Viterra's Grain Handling & Storage Facility at Port Giles. And, of course, we went through the safety induction before entering the main site.

Attending our AGM Dinner and the day tour were Federal MP for Grey Rowan Ramsey and State MP Kyam Mahar, Parliamentary Secretary to the Agriculture Minister, so we had both Liberal and Labour representation which is good because we all need to work together for the future of Agriculture. 
Thanks to Tim Burrow from Grain Producers SA for joining us for our daytime tour and a big thanks to Viterra for the morning tea and a very informative visit.
Note the safety fencing surrounding the conveyor belt              
Next stop was Peter Farrow's farming operation, specialising in legumes and high returning cereals. Peter's daughter, Renee, had spoken at our dinner the night before and is currently an Ag Science student. She is an impressive Ag ambassador and also has a 'travel bug' which has seen her tour Chile and other countries soaking up agricultural practices. She is also the farm truck driver for harvest with a keen interest in grain marketing and commerce.
There is no stopping this girl, she's a mover and a shaker of the future! Watch this space....

Dr Andrew Barr gave us some things to think about with regard to GM crops, both the good and the bad of growing them.

Andrew is a member of the Board of Trustees, CIMMYT Mexico, members of GRDC Southern Panel, Aust Grain Growers current board member, past ABB Grain Ltd board member and Principal Plant Breeder (SARDI) and Professor of Plant Breeding (Adel Uni) from 1997-2003
Anna Binna's operation near Maitland is owned and run by Ben and Belinda Wundersitz. Their enterprise has grown rapidly to now crop over 5000Ha and employs a number of staff, both full time and part time. They have transformed the Point Pearce farming land and create valuable employment and skills training opportunities for local people.           

Various 'Crop Porn' from Yorke Peninsula

Then back home to Eyre Peninsula, which isn't looking too bad itself!
View near Tumby Bay EP
The SA Advisory Board of Ag is the overarching organisation governing the SA Agricultural Bureau's, of which, there are about 70 branches statewide.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cross Slot v Tyne

Wheat pulled from a Cross Slot crop compared to a Tyne crop
 Same soil type, 100m from each other


   4 years of Cross Slot                Tyne Wheat crop
           Wheat on Canola stubble             Wheat on Lupin stubble

   Tyne Wheat                                            Cross Slot Wheat

Photos courtesy of Scott Siviour, Wangary