Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cross Slot Seeder, John Deere Air Cart & CAT Tractor

This is where our new seeding rig is up to. 

My husband and brother in law still have to mount the 'liquid system' so we can apply liquid trace elements while seeding.

The CAT Tractor will pull this rig at a slower pace than our previous seeder but we are anticipating an upgrade to more horse power in the next few years to enable the seeding rig to work at a faster pace. 

As farm equipment is very expensive, we stagger our large capital purchases over time. 

The cost of this Cross Slot was comparable to a DBS (Digs Big Stones!), but obviously, people need to choose which seeder best suits their farming ground.

More photos to follow once the Liquid System is installed.


  1. Hi Karen, I'm Anne and grew up on a farm in the central wheat belt of Western Australia, the closest largest town is Merredin. I've lived in the Victoria since 1985 but my brother still farms and I'm able to go back to visit a couple of times a year which I love. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to on your farm.

    1. Thanks for reading Anne. I'm half West Aussie, my dad's from Perth & Collie and my grandparents grew up in Pemberton. My husband and I took our 2 kids on a road trip last year to WA, we did 8000km in 5 weeks, it was great. I've got rellies on a farm at Katanning and some up near Cue on a station. I love WA, good pics on your blog of the fishing, aren't the beaches stunning.

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