Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Dial Up Internet!!!

No, we're not on Dial Up anymore - but it sure does feel like we are!!!!

Apparently the NBN satellite mob have reached their quota for customers, but unfortunately they don't have their own satellite and this has now resulted in the slowing down of our internet service (as if it wasn't slow enough already!)

So this excuse would say to me that they have over committed the number of users of the NBN satellite internet service!

The word from Activ8 (our provider) is that the NBN Co will not be purchasing their own satellite until at least 2015, so there is nothing Activ8 can do for us.

Honestly, how much do we have to put up with in rural Australia. I mean for god's sake, we are invited to get satellite internet, its at a speed we can live with and we appreciate having it in the first place. Then it's taken away again until someone feels like we deserve to have it back.

We are actually trying to run a business here. So it's all fine and dandy for the governments and do-gooders of the world to impose regulations on farmers for everything under the sun, but then you don't give us the necessary tools to comply. You just assume we have the same facilities and services that you do in your 30 level office block! 'Newsflash' - we don't! 

And don't even get me started on the mobile phone service (or lack there of!)

What else can I say, it's just f...n crap! Happy Birthday to me!!!

   Dead tree branch removal 'farmer style'

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