Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Windrower

We have a new Windrower this year.

The windrower cuts the Canola and lays it neatly in rows for it to dry out before it is harvested. Some states and countries call this exercise 'swathing' but here in SA we call it windrowing.

We cut the Canola a few weeks ago and then left it to dry out

Looking back behind the windrower

Paddock in front of our house

Auto steer computer with all the fingerprints on the touch screen

The little black 'fingers' position the Canola into the cutter bar, its cut and then is propelled by conveyor belts into a neat row underneath the windrowing tractor

Neat and tidy

Left to dry in the rows. The Canola are little black seeds inside the skinny bean looking pods.

Dry pod with Canola seeds inside

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