Friday, 1 November 2013

Apparently Tourists Are More Important Than Farmers!

We recently had a wonderful family holiday to Western Australia, it was great. But I couldn't help noticing that while we were doing the 'tourist/rubber neck' thing, that mobile phone coverage was - well - pretty darn good!

So this is our view crossing the Nullarbor. It's a beautiful place, not barren nothingness like some people waffle on about.

While crossing the Nullarbor my trusty Nokia 6120 had FULL mobile coverage! Go figure!!!

And the majority of the southern areas of WA also had good mobile coverage, it was great, I didn't know myself. We even had quick internet courtesy of a prepaid dongle thingy and the great mobile service.

Trouble is - now I really know what some of us are missing out on!

I came to the conclusion that tourists are obviously more important to Australian society than farmers.

So I looked up some stats:

Tourism is 5.3% of Australia's GDP

Agriculture contributes 3% of Australia's GDP

While there is not a great deal of difference in these figures, there seems to be a huge gap in the equity of services delivered and sustained in rural areas, especially those that don't attract the tourist dollar.

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