Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tap Water Tastes Like Crap!

***Bring back rainwater in schools*** 

I'm really pissed off (polite version) that SA schools are now banned from drinking rain water! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous in all my life!

Fact - Tap water takes like shit!

Our local school have recently sent this note home in the school newsletter:

Drinking Water—In line with all DECD schools we have now had our rainwater taps switched to mains water. It might be a good idea to pack your child an extra water bottle filled with water from home, as many of the children will not drink mains water.

What are the Dept of Education thinking, this is absolute rubbish! Our whole house runs on rain water, we drink it, we shower in it, we cook with it, the only thing we don't do it s**t in it.

I am formally rejecting this ruling and will be supplying MY CHILDREN (please note 'my children') with extra rainwater filled, clear coloured, healthy bottles of rain water for school.

p.s. sorry about the 'potty mouth', but at least you can tell how angry I am!


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