Tuesday, 3 June 2014

GM Crops - Explain to me the Peacharine?

I realise a scientist would explain a definitive difference between GM Crops and the humble Peacharine, but as a consumer, I'm sorry, but I don't see the difference?

Peach + Nectarine = Peacharine. 

Nature (or God, whichever u subscribe to), did not make the Peacharine, humans did. And how long have we been eating them, I have no idea, it would be years and years. 

I really can't understand the hysteria by the anti GM protesters.  

I'm not saying we barrel in to GM crops all guns blazing, but the choice should be there, we should always investigate the advantages and disadvantages in a rational manner.

We're told to believe the scientists when it comes to Climate Change, but not on the issue of GM? How convenient!


  1. Whether you agree with GM food or not, morally it isn't right for a few greedy corporations to have a monopoly on much of the food that is grown on this earth. Perhaps you should research what happened in India, a country that can ill afford to be at the whim and mercy of big greedy American corporations.
    P.S. My background is in farming.

  2. I agree Anne, the thought of having to involve ourselves with large monopolies who don't care about anyone but themselves is a major turnoff. It's something we wouldn't enter into lightly for that reason. But I do support the growing of food and would love to use less chemicals in order to deliver an acceptable grade of grain.