Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Minimum Till Disc Seeding

Seeding Last Year (2013)
Seeding This Year 2014

Last Year

What a difference a year makes. You can clearly see how much more organic matter is left within the soil when using a disc seeder compared to our old tyne machine in 2013.

So all this stubble left in place helps bind the soil together and retains moisture so our reliance over time on timely rains won't be as great.It just looks so different, it's amazing.

This Year

This is the goal, the stubble retention, the water retention, better quality crops and higher yields, but it does come at a cost. 
Setting up the rig itself costs dollars but in order to pull this thing, we are using a lot more Diesel. 
But you've got to take the good with the bad.

The whole rig in action.

The CAT track tractor, John Deere Air Seeder Hopper and the Cross Slot Disc Seeder with liquid tanks mounted on top.

A lot of our ground is quite rocky with some limestone ridges. We've had a couple of small breakages on the really rough ground but haven't broken a disc. Touch wood!

Normally, after we have sown the seed, we then scoot over the ground with the stone roller to flatten all the rocks back into the ground so that they don't damage our wind rowing and harvesting equipment when it comes time to windrow and reap the crop.

Basically, we'll be retiring the 'stone roller' now as we just don't need to use it anymore. The disc doesn't pull the rocks out like a tyne seeder does.

I had to really strain my eyes to be sure what part of the paddock hubby had already sown and which was last years stubble lines.

 Turning the rig seems to be going fine.

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