Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox!!

Yeah! Not so fantastic when you have young lambs!

Over the years we have had several visits from nosy foxes. They come right up to the house and 2 of them have even been camped on our front verandah!
Looking out of our lounge room window (mind the 'Geleez' on the glass!), the kids had a fascinating look at this thriving pest introduced to Australia by the English many years ago.

Whenever we have a visit I always make sure the dog is at work with the hubby or locked up in the ute tray. Our dog (Max) has run foxes down but we don't want him to get mange or get injured by one so we try and avoid an altercation.

This fella looks in pretty good knick, hopefully he hasn't got into our lambs. We do bait for foxes but you can never get them all. If hubby was home this cheeky little bugger may have met with the end of a rifle.

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