Saturday, 27 August 2011

Snakes Alive!

The landscape is just so beautiful at the moment with the yellow canola flower up against the rich green barley and wheat. Unfortunately I saw the my first snake of the season today, yikes! I can deal with the abundance of flies and the mouse plague but the snakes really get to me. I'm not a fan! This particular snake was crossing the road as I was driving along, it was quite large actually. We haven't had one inside the yard for 12 months or so, hopefully we continue along this pattern. It's a real worry when the kids want to play outside, you really need to be there the whole time.

The Ungarra Silos, our closest town 20km away, although there are no shops, just a Primary School, Sports Club, Bowling Club, Town Hall and Church.

I love this view as I drive into Ungarra along Baldissera Road

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