Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Blowies have returned!

So it’s nearly August and I’m happily cooking the tea on a cool night after a sunny day, when those blasted maggot spewing blowies return to the windows of my kitchen!
I quickly regain my fly swatting skills that have been on hiatus since May, yes May, my 3 months of the year without blow flies is coming to a close, damn! I will ring the pest controller in the next month and get the house sprayed for flies; this will help somewhat, but basically, when they smell food cooking, its open season on any nook and cranny they can infiltrate.
I have lived and travelled most parts of SA and there is a distinct difference to the numbers of flies one has to endure depending on where you live. No wonder our sheep get labelled “Maggot Taxi’s”, my father in law checks his beloved sheep for flystrike almost everyday, all 2000 of them!
This photo from January 2011 shows one summer afternoons catch of flies caught loitering near the back door, the traps are not very effective but they save one or two flies from getting into the house when you open the door.

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